about multiplex


Multiplex offers high quality residential cleaning services delivered by a professional, well trained, and trustworthy staff. You do not have to worry, as our cleaning team is committed to meet your requirements as you wish. All you have to do is share with us your cleaning agenda, so we can follow it by planning and organizing your premise and we assure you will have a

cleaner and fresher space like you never had before!


Starting from the 1st visit, you will feel the purity and smell the freshness all around you and you will never hesitate to reschedule a next visit and get committed with us daily, weekly, monthly and on special occasions and events...


Multiplex offers a wide range of high quality services delivered by a skilled and well trained staff, for Offices and Showrooms, Shops and Warehouses, Schools and Colleges, Hospitals and Clinics, Showrooms and Restaurants, Hotels and Buildings....


During each visit, our staff will dedicate their time quietly and politely to follow your requirements and complete their work as scheduled to meet your highest satisfaction and positive feedback.


our vision

Multiplex offers a series of housemaid and deep cleaning options that suit your budget and time. We seek to consistently provide our customers with 100% quality, the highest standards and the best services with committed and professional cleaners across UAE.

our mission

Client Satisfaction and Quality Assurance come at the top of our targeted mission. We aim to develop a wider positive reputation through the special and fully comprehensive services and cleaning solutions we offer to guarantee your satisfaction.

our team

Our managers, supervisors and staff receive intensive programs and standard trainings before they can join Multiplex Team so they can be in a professional level to meet up high expectations. These training programs are updated periodically to assure that our quality is well maintained and that we keep ourselves in the spot.


Dressing up with the company’s uniforms, our team is hardworking, trustworthy, polite and presentable. All staff are sponsored by Multiplex and accommodated in our staff housing.


They are committed to excellence and quality service, so as to guarantee your satisfaction after accomplishing the cleaning requirements. Feedback and staff value from clients will be much appreciated!